Deploy Nano Server with a SCCM Task Sequence

One of the cool features that came with Server 2016 is Nano Server. This is a completely stripped down version of Server 2016 that has no UI components and is designed for speed, agility, and lower resource consumption. I decided to try and see if I could deploy this with SCCM. In my investigation, I found out Nano server does not support the SCCM client, so we can not push updates or manage it. So, I’m stuck and can’t continue … Continue reading

Surface Pro 3 Imaging

I have been working on a project to create a Windows 10 Task Sequence to image 800+ Surface Pro 3s. One problem we have been running into has been pen pairing. I found a great post by Niall Brady about adding the OOBE pen files to your Task Sequence which will make the pen pairing OOBE menus pop up during imaging. I did some tests and the files in the link above still work on Windows 10. Great, now I … Continue reading