Service Manager HTML5 Portal: Larger Description Text Box

EDIT 5/26/2016 Code was updated to work with Update 3 for the HTML5 portal! Recently, someone asked me if I could make the text box for descriptions in the HTML 5 portal larger. I said sure, why wouldn’t Microsoft include that feature out of the box?! Well, it turns out that the setting isn’t there… I started to think that somewhere there had to be a loop that dynamically created all the Service Request controls in the portal. If I … Continue reading

Better Know a PowerShell UI: 50 Shades of Bindings (Part 1)

I wanted to take some time to go over bindings in WPF and how they can be used with classes to simplify and optimize your code. At this moment, events do not work in PowerShell classes, so in order to do what I’m about to do, we need to create classes in C# and bring them over to PowerShell. At the end of this post, I’ll show code I use to automatically do this, so don’t worry about having to … Continue reading

Better Know a PowerShell UI: Talk to a duck!

If you’ve been following along, you’re in a bit of a pickle. You bought your duck and used the computer to quack at the duck, but now your duck has probably decided the computer is their mom, so it isn’t listening to your voice at all! How do we fix that? Let’s build a UI to make the computer say whatever we want! We are going to start this blog post with an already created UI. If you want to … Continue reading

Better Know a PowerShell UI: Quack Like a Duck!

If you’ve been following along, you now have a duck and want to interact with it! Since we used PowerShell to buy the duck, let’s use a PowerShell UI to talk to it! You may not know it yet, but you’re about to learn UI threading! First off, I need to create my user interface. Since I already showed how to do this in previous posts, I’m not going to show it again. Instead I made a video of myself … Continue reading

Better Know a PowerShell UI: Let’s go buy a duck (Part 2)

Welcome to the fourth installment of my long running series Better Know a PowerShell UI. Last time we designed an interface in Visual Studio for buying a duck. It’s a very simple user interface because when we buy ducks we want it now and don’t want to have to fill out lots of forms. Today, we are going to move that interface over to PowerShell and make the button buy a duck! First off, you’ll want to make sure you … Continue reading

Better Know a PowerShell UI: Let’s go buy a duck! (Part 1)

Welcome to the third installment of Better Know a PowerShell UI! In today’s post we will build our first UI to assist us in buying a duck. The tools I will be using are the PowerShell ISE, Visual Studio, and the ISE addon run in a new session. I will not use my function that automatically generates the WPF code for you because then how will you learn? First up, open Visual Studio and select New Project. You’ll want to … Continue reading

Better Know a PowerShell UI: The Tools You’ll Need

Welcome to the second edition of the long running series better know a UI! Today you’ll learn about the tools needed to create PowerShell user interfaces. What do you need? Just Notepad and some know-how! …I haven’t met my word quota for the day yet, so why don’t I go over some tools that make building PowerShell interfaces easier? PowerShell ISE – With Add-ons! The first tool on the list is the PowerShell ISE. The PowerShell ISE alone is a … Continue reading

Better Know a PowerShell UI: WPF or WinForms?

Welcome to the first installment of my long running series on PowerShell UI development! Today I’m going to talk about why I choose to write UIs in WPF over Windows Forms. When I originally started writing PowerShell UIs, I started writing them with Windows Forms. I chose Windows Forms over WPF because I was told it is easier and quicker. The reality is, this is only true for novices. Generally when people first start learning a new technology, they write … Continue reading

Introducing the EphingLab!

I really love and hate the PDT. I love the idea and the work put into it, but hate that I can’t easily customize it or really even know what they are doing behind the scenes. Because of this, I decided to make my own lab installer that was completely customizable and easy to use! The lab borrows a lot of code directly from the PDT, so thank you to Rob Willis for that great tool! The EphingLab is available on … Continue reading

Surface Pro 3 Imaging

I have been working on a project to create a Windows 10 Task Sequence to image 800+ Surface Pro 3s. One problem we have been running into has been pen pairing. I found a great post by Niall Brady about adding the OOBE pen files to your Task Sequence which will make the pen pairing OOBE menus pop up during imaging. I did some tests and the files in the link above still work on Windows 10. Great, now I … Continue reading