Graph Week – Exploring the MSGraphAPI Cmdlets

Yesterday, I showed you how to install and start with the MSGraphAPI cmdlets. Today we’re going to explore them and see all that you can do with them! We learned how to authenticate yesterday, and run the first command: Get-GraphUsers. What does this command return? I can use GetType to see: It’s not just returning a hash or array, it’s returning a custom class called GraphUser_v1. What is this object? This is a custom object created for the cmdlets that … Continue reading

Better Know a PowerShell UI: 50 Shades of Bindings (Part 1)

I wanted to take some time to go over bindings in WPF and how they can be used with classes to simplify and optimize your code. At this moment, events do not work in PowerShell classes, so in order to do what I’m about to do, we need to create classes in C# and bring them over to PowerShell. At the end of this post, I’ll show code I use to automatically do this, so don’t worry about having to … Continue reading