How to use PowerShell to start ConfigMgr updates in current branch

I’m one of those people who rebuilds their test lab often. I like to tinker with WMI and all sorts of other things, so I rebuild to wipe all my configuration changes and start fresh. Current Branch has put a wrinkle in this because I could never start the updates automatically with my build script. Well, I’ve figured out how to start the SCCM updates with a script!

The above code will start the KB3174008 update:


You can now use the above code in your scripts to start the updates! I’ll be working on my SCCM build script and will find a good way to wait for updates to arrive and then install them. Once that’s complete, I’ll post it here!

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  1. NOT supported. This will get customer into undesired behavior if the content has not been successfully downloaded

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