CM2012 – Redistribute content with errors

less than 1 minute read

Here’s a quick script that will redistribute all content that has errors to the DPs it errored out on.

$Server = "CM2012"
$Namespace = "root\sms\site_PS1"
$strQuery = "Select Name,PackageID from SMS_DistributionDPStatus where MessageState > 2"
Get-WmiObject -Query $strQuery -Namespace $Namespace -ComputerName $Server | ForEach-Object {
    $ServerName = $_.Name
	$ServerName = $ServerName.ToUpper()
	$PackageID = $_.PackageID
	$strQuery = "select * from SMS_DistributionPoint where PackageID = '$PackageID'"
	$PackageDPGroup = Get-WmiObject -Query $strQuery -Namespace $Namespace -ComputerName $Server
	foreach ($PackageDP in $PackageDPGroup) {
		$NalPath = $PackageDP.ServerNalPath
		if ($NalPath.ToUpper().Contains("$ServerName")) {
			$PackageDP.RefreshNow = $true

Just run this, and in a few minutes you’ll see your content start to redistribute on the DPs it errored on.

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