The Automatic Packager!

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One of the highlights of MMS for me was the hackathon. It wasn’t just because I won a Surface, but also because we got to see our ideas come to life in 3 days!

One of the ideas that wasn’t coded was to automatically create packages from folders. This was a great idea, but neither the Microsoft Product Team or Coretech decided to take it on. I decided to take it on with my new Surface, and was able to complete it in only a few hours! Here is the video of me automatically creating an application from a folder in a package share:

While the code for this submission will only work in the environment I created it in, it was popular enough for me to turn it in to a real project! I created a new GitHub repo called the CMAutoPackager. This repo includes the original script I used in the video, and a new one I’m in the process of working on.

Let me know if you have any ideas for the project!

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